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Free Guided Audio for Grounding, Connecting to Source, Clearing, Self-Magnetization, & Shielding.  Enjoy!

Mystery School of Angels

The Angelic Path to Remembering Yourself

with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Ascended Masters

Volume 1
For Future Ascended Masters


1. Rootedness in Life Force (Ascended Master Bionna)

2. Integrating Your Emotional Body (Ascended Master Avalon)

3. Boundary: Your Sacred Yes & Your Sacred No (Ascended Master Ishtar)

4. Purification & Focus: Anchor The Light Within Your Form (Ascended Master Serafina)

5. Magnetization: Call Your Fragments Home (Ascended Master Celestina)

6. Initiation: Touch The Divine & Mary Magdalene Temple of Isis Initiation (Order of Magdalena)

7. Ascension: Ascension of Consciousness: Move into Alignment & Merge with Your Higher Selves (Dolphin Collective of the Sirius Star System)

8. Descension: Embodiment/ Ascension of the Physical Body/ The Sophia Christ Consciousness (Pleiadian Collective Brotherhood of the Divine LoveLight

9. The Void: Your Relationship with The Mother (Ascended Master Amazonia)

10.Creativity: The Divine Feminine Vehicle to Abundance (Ascended Master ???)

11.Surrender to Your Power: Your Dark (Ascended Master Di’unyawa Mrunamay)

12.The Eternal NOW Moment (Ascended Master Odessa)

13.Master Your Emotional Energy: Power Up for Time & Interdimensional Travel (Ascended Master Electra)

Volume 2

Entering The Ascended Master Realms


1. Opening The Gates to The Ascended Master Realms

2. Release from The Matrix

3. Ascension of Your Survival Archetypes

4. Graduation from the Earth Plane

5. Dance of The Seraphim DNA Activation

6. Ascended Master Archetypes

7. Gate Journeys

8. Ressurection



Mystery School of The Divine LoveLight

ArchAngel Michael:

~Union with the Divine Masculine in YOU

The Green Man:

~Uploading the Divine Masculine template

Serapis Bey:

~Harmony through conflict;                                      ~Ascension through Discipline


~Destruction to create propulsion;                               ~Personal protection in the midst of destructive forces;     ~Focused determination;                                     ~Communion with the Divine Feminine


~Divine Union with a fully Embodied Divine Feminine to activate one’s Earthly mission;                                            ~The courting and care of an Embodied Divine Feminine partner;                                                                          ~Divine Masculine Sacred Sexuality 

St. Germaine:

~Liberation & Transmutation;~Multi-dimensional learning, multi-interest, multi-ability;                                        ~Change physical objects’ atomic structure

I recently attended the 6 week empathy class with Lisa and found it to be the highlight of my week! It was exciting to see my own gifts show up in ways I hadn’t owned or anticipated, as well as seeing the confidence and abilities of others in the class grow. The information was a great foundation for an empath and I felt more skilled in using my abilities over time. I appreciated the opportunity for students to lead when they were ready, as well as Lisa’s ability to assist in dissolution for any blockages or limiting thoughts or perceptions. I am grateful for sharing in this community, as well as having a strong facilitator that held a safe and loving space. Lisa’s smile and presence lights up the room and she invites everyone to be their most present and full selves. I look forward to future classes and readings with Lisa.

Tanya Kutterer

Chinese Medical Practitioner & Social Worker

Empath Development class was a great guide not only how to recognize the feelings that empaths have but how to be able to flow better in life.  She gave us a great meditation and many other tools to use.  This class helped me to do some healing, improving mind and body, and to reach into divine self.  Thank You Lisa ~Blessings

Judy C, Eagle, ID

I really liked the clear, step by step instruction in the Empath class, each time we met.  Lisa provides many chances to practice receiving, developing and interpreting results. The group setting makes the work powerful and very fun. We experienced some amazing healings and insights that could not have occurred without our collaboration.

M.A. Boise, ID

Working with Lisa in the Empath Development class has been a profoundly transformative experience. Besides learning how to listen and feel into your own gifts, you get to learn about blocks/ walls put up and clear so you can listen on a deeper level. Besides working to embody her talent Lisa is very educated and takes great care in the vocabulary she uses when presenting information in sessions and class. I have great trust in the information provided by Lisa to be clear and accurate as she has done a great deal of work to be as precise and direct as she is. If you are looking for growth or light to shine into your life, Lisa is a great tool to discovering your highest potential and working towards living with an open heart.

Annie A., Sacramento, CA

“Lisa has many extraordinary gifts, she has the ability to see, feel and know things well beyond anyone I have ever worked with. Lisa is the person I go to with all my questions that are spiritual and/or energetic in nature.  She is a mentor, colleague, and friend and I have recommended her services to many of my clients.”

Angela Levesque

Healer & Spiritual Teacher

“Working with Lisa is a dynamic and cooperative endeavor into the interior spaciousness of the field beyond mere physical manifestation and time as we know it. She has a keen ability to maintain her inquisitive nature while helping the individual to live a better functioning life with spiritual and energetic harmony. While her insight is profound, she is also not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know,’ which in my opinion makes her more effective and discerning in the process. Lisa lives an authentic ethical life as a true spiritual mentor.”

Lori Tindall

“I am forever grateful for Lisa’s pure, heart-centered wisdom and healing light. She helped me to heal lifetimes of karma and old patterns. Her work is very empowering as she opens and shows the way to connect with our own personal power and the divine source.”

Marcy Midnight

Lisa is an authentic, pure channel of divine insight and guidance. Through her mentorship I have been able to reconnect with my inner strength and utilize gifts I was consciously unaware of. She is a master healer and has helped me to heal and transform destructive patterns I was repeating in life that were keeping me stuck in a cycle of unhappiness. The work you do together may not always be comfortable, but Lisa will provide honest and supportive guidance to get you through even the hardest of days. I am forever grateful to have worked with Lisa and can’t recommend her enough. If the Universe has brought Lisa into your life, consider this a gift and seize the opportunity to transform yourself in ways you could never have imagined.

Anna Goddard

Work With Lisa

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