Personal Sessions can include:


As Sofia Magdalena, an Ascended Master of The Council of the Divine Feminine in the Ascended Master Realms, my job is to assist your into your own Ascended Mastery. Ascended Mastery is a normal, natural state of human consciousness and is open to all humans. An Ascended Master is one who has mastered their own Ascension! One day, all of Humanity will live as Ascended Masters in Heaven on Earth!

Personal Sessions are a voyage of intuitive discovery, activation, and energy work facilitated through conversation. It is an organic process and we just jump in where you are and with what you need now.  Sessions are not considered a typical psychic reading or energy healing session, as these functions are just part of the process. Client participation in the conversation is highly recommended as collaborative effort produces heightened outcomes.

As an Ascending Being, you will in this lifetime or another (or you already have!) encounter these stages and phenomenon. Ascended Mastery follows a predictable path:

1. Ascension of Consciousness — the process of remembering yourself as the Creator;

2. Ascension of the Physical Body — Descension or Embodiment of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, the Origin, the Mystery, the Source, The Sophia;

3. Entrance into the Ascended Master Realms — the final stages of creating your “Legacy of Love” on Earth;

4. Graduation from physical Earth incarnations.

The following are common experiences encountered during a session:

*ASCENSION: Facilitating your Alignment, then Merging, with your Higher Self/Selves/Soul & Beyond

*Activation & Development of Psychic/Intuitive/Healing Gifts

*A continuum of development of:

*Pinpointing the multitude of aspects of your Infinite Existence to facilitate integration of Self-Knowledge and enact your Purpose

*After Ascension of Consciousness cycle has completed: Guiding you through the process of downloading increasing magnitude of the Essence of your Origin (Descension, Embodiment, Ascension of the Physical Body)

*Guiding you through the initial corridor of Ascended Mastery, and into graduation from Earthly incarnations, where applicable

*Developing and fine tuning your Discernment

*Activating your connection to the 7th Dimensional Love Frequency

*AND MORE……The possibilities are unlimited!


I do not offer medical intuition, psychological counseling, or fortune telling.


Personal Sessions can be conducted in person, via video chat (Zoom), or over the phone. 

$150 for 60 minutes
$215 for 90 minutes

$405 for 3 – I Hour Session Package

$580 for 3 – 90 Minute Session Package

$720 for 6 – 1 Hour Session Package 

$1030 for 6 – 90 Minute Session Package

Work With Sofia Magdalena (Lisa)

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