Transcript of Channeling of Divine Will & Divine Love Intertwined by Lisa Martin Naimi 2/1/2017 (Listen to the Channeled Recording Here)

Hello. My name is Lisa Martin Naimi. I am an Ascension Portal, a Mystic, and an Intuitive Empath. I channel Divine Will & Divine Love, intertwined. That’s what today’s message is going to be brought to you by. I don’t know what it is going to be yet, but we will tap in and we will find out.

The question is, “What is needed to be known at this time-space point by this particular group here in front of me today, as well as the general collective as a whole? What guidance is helpful for us at this time?”

It is noted that there is so much anxiety occurring within the collective and within this group here, situated with the heart space.  There is anxiety, but there is also anticipation. There is a calling forth of, pulling each individual person, pulling forth into themselves, the pieces of them that bring them into wholeness and into acceptance. Even within those aspects of the collective that have absolutely no conscious idea that this is going on. All of this is happening at an unconscious level for those who are unable at this point in their spiritual development to be conscious of these things. There is also a huge release, this release is part of both the anxiety and anticipation that is being experienced. But, surprisingly enough, there is a huge release of judgment that is occurring at this time.

The events that are on our horizon here in the United States that are having a ripple throughout the entire planet. They are in alignment with Divine will and Divine Love. The frenzy that is palpable is serving a great purpose. And that purpose is to awaken the sleeping masses. It is to bring into conscious attention that no longer deferring and deflecting your sacred anonymity, your sacred trajectory, your sacred expression, your sacred creativity. No longer is your soul going to stand for allowing you to defer this to someone else. Handing it over to someone else to direct you, to guide you. We are to stop handing over our sovereignty to those who wish to be the guru through whichever avenue they are desiring to have power over others. So this is the great call to say YES to having power over your own life, and power to serve other as well as serving yourself in your sacredness versus handing your sovereignty over to whomever it is that would like to usurp your power. So that’s what all of the rumblings within the collective are guiding us to. Again, this is in Alignment with Divine Will and Divine Love.

We are being awakened to discover all that we are and move into a state of acceptance of what that is. People, especially those who are sensitive, are going to be feeling pieces and parts of themselves rejoining themselves in the back of the heart chakra. So, it’s going to be coming in, clink, clink, clink, one chunk, one aspect at a time as each individual person’s consciousness, and frequency, and the frequency of their physical body is able to accept and handle and absorb this information, and come into conscious recognition of it. So we are talking about, even at the lowest levels of consciousness within our human collective, this is happening NOW. And the events that are occurring politically that are affecting people’s lives in a very real way, this is the catalyst for all of this to happen.

And there is a swelling in the chest, a swelling in the heart space. So space is being made within each person within the collective, within their heart space. There is no longer, WOW, there is no longer choice involved in this. If you are here, if you are still in a physical body, you have answered the call to that voice and you have said, Yes, I am ready to open my heart to love.  And we are talking about the type of love that is powerful, that moves mountains. The type of love that brings sweetness to life. This is real, its raw, its authentic. Absolutely no lip service is being paid here to this love frequency that is entering into the human collective. And not only is it coming into the heart, it is moving into the sacral chakra. And into the root. So this is being anchored into not only the human collective experience, but into the earth plane, and it is being anchored in through the human physical form. And there is a lot of activity going on in the back of the sacral chakra. So this has to do with two things: Number one, finances (not abundance, finances); and more importantly this has to do with sacred sexuality. Finances and sacred sexuality go hand in hand, they are intertwined.

There is going to be a….what we have coming forth is a trembling, a shaking, a breaking loose. The trembling and the shaking…this is Spirit moving more deeply into physical form. So all of the wayshowers have been inviting this in and have been the first wave to allow this to move into the 2nd and 3rd waves of ascending humans. The human collective inviting us in, invited us in to the realm, into their experience of life on this planet so that we could open the door so that they could have this experience of this shaking and this breaking loose, this breaking apart of everything that holds them back. All of the obstacles.  The gateways are being opened. And when that gateways are encountered, the gatekeeper is encountered. And the gatekeeper will be weighing the hearts, and the minds, and the frequencies of those whom approach the gates. And some will be turned back, but the gatekeeper will be providing direction, giving keys, the gatekeeper wants each of these individual spirits, human spirits that come forth to be successful. So the gatekeeper is providing the keys to foster the success of passing through the gateway.

So what we are experiencing in the human collective is the outer experience of this people, of this shaking, of this breaking loose of the obstacles and the opening of the gates. So it is enabling those in the 2nd and the 3rd waves to see an exaggerated form of what is out of balance so they can choose what is in balance. It goes beyond a choice, it is more of a natural movement into alignment with the truth of themselves. And the truth of humanity is that they really are great beings of love. And so the 1st wave, the wayshowers, are here to remind them of that.  They just forgot.

So part of this sacred sexuality, this shaking loose in the sacral chakra is moving into humanity, moving into alignment with equanimity between the masculine and the feminine and the roles they play and the manner in which they support one another.

There is something more, just a moment please.

Solar plexus is speaking. So I see a great source of light being uncovered in the solar plexus. This is an internal source of light. This is arising in the human collective consciousness. And this internal light is the impetus for drawing people’s attention away from those who wish to be the gurus, those who which to usurp the power and turning people inward to their own light source, their own power source, their own source of creation, and into their own guidance. The 2nd and 3rd wave is mostly at this moment in time is going to be guided by their gut and by the intuitive feelings coming through their body forms. They are going to be getting in tune with their body wisdom, in tune with how spirit works through their physical forms. So as those of us who are here working as guides to the human collective this is where we can focus our attention in the interim time in helping those 2nd and 3rd waves to learn how to tune into their wisdom, into their own intuitive guidance

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