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Exploring Ascended Mastery


I have been guiding others (and myself!) through the Ascension/Enlightenment process since 2012, and in business as a professional intuitive and healer since 2009. Along the way I have remembered that I am an Empath, a Mystic, a Magdalene and so much more. My journey to remember the stages of Ascension was designed to prepare me to guide myself and others into Ascended Mastery. I have lived the Ascension process to document each step and stage so I can guide others through the exhilarating, and sometimes disconcerting, journey to remembering yourself and reclaiming your Sovereignty and Personal Authority. 

This journey has included remembering past/current/future lifetimes, starseed origins, levels of Creatorship, Higher Selves, the incarnational process, and remembering that I AM the Creator (as are you). Through mentorship with others and my own Higher Self I have demonstrated mastery in clearing work that disengages wild and wacky stuff from human energy fields, healing work that gets to the core of the matter, initiations and activations for myself and others, getting really clear on Discernment through some tough lessons, and assisting others in remembering their Selves. As a mystic I receive visions about the nature of creation, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and receive guidance from Source, as well as Ascended Masters and Angels. 

It is my immense joy and pleasure to guide others into their Ascended Mastery to enable humanity to move into personal sovereignty and for each to become their own Authority.

I am absolutely obsessed with spiritual development for myself and others. Listening to others’ experiences of Spirit grabs my full attention. I am compelled to assist others to understand and develop a context for their out-of-the-blue and out-of-this world visions, dreams, and knowings. And, I am driven to seek this knowledge for myself as well. Sometimes it even feels as if I am living from one divine message to the next, just filling in the gaps with the mundane — although the mundane is a joyride, too, when you know how to find spirit within it.

I assist people to consciously connect with their Higher Selves through resolving energetic issues that can cause physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, all resulting in further distance (separation) between themselves and their Higher Selves.  Using the psychic gifts of Clair Sentience, Clair Cognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and the gift of the Empath, I receive the most pertinent information related to the needs of my client.  This can be related to: Energetic blocks resulting from unhealed traumas, unhelpful beliefs, or misaligned external influence (and more); Disruptions in energy flow; Blocks to experiencing oneself as Source; Inablility to be in the body; etc. Then I am guided to correct these problems by either assisting the client in shifting their perspective about the challenges they experience, and/or the use of Energy Healing to reorganize the energy flow in their body and energy field.  The energy source I utilize for healing is Source energy. Challenges can be related to this lifetime, past/concurrent/future lifetimes, existences in other dimensions/planets/Universes.  I use two primary avenues of Energy Healing: 1. I flow the healing energy through my body/energy field into that of the client, or connect the client to the planetary energy or Source energy to flow through their own channels of connection as deemed appropriate; 2. I direct my mind and will to affect changes in my client’s body/energy field.

Through experiences collected over a period of 10 years as well as much focused intention and opening to Self-Knowledge, I have traversed the path of Ascension of Consciousness, received the memory of being the Divine Feminine Creator (The Sophia, Shekinah, Shakti), traversed the path of Ascension of the Physcial Body, entered the corridor into Ascended Mastery and realized my “Legacy of Love that makes a lasting contribution to the Earth” — Kaia Ra. When I am conducting my “Work” for myself or others I utilize The Sophia (the Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life) as my Higher Self and my abilities as a mystic and empath. 

In May 2015 I began consciously working with Divine Will and Divine Love, who later revealed themselves to be the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine forces of creation. In July 2016 I recieved a commission from the Divine Feminine to put out the call locally for membership in the creation of the “Council of The Divine Feminine”. The first version of the earthly Council of The Divine Feminine convened September 2016. Throughout these years the voice of my Higher Self morphed into the voice of the Divine Feminine, who I realized to be The Sophia while reading The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra in early 2017. After this realization I began hearing “I’m the Sophia, you’re the Sophia” over and over in the back of my mind. This contiued for 6 months during which time I became increasingly ill. Over the Fall Equinox weekend of 2017 our Council celebrated its first annual retreat where we all experienced profound events, healing, and clarity in our roles and purposes. When I returned home the repetitive message shifted to “I’m The Sophia, your’re The Sophia. You need to change your name to Sofia!” Once I accepted this request I realized that my chronic illness marked the death throws of Lisa and the birth of Sofia Magdalena. 

On 1/11/2018 I received a series of movements to perform, and when I did, the Ascended Master Realms opened to me where I saw the masses of Ascended Masters. This signaled my graduation from the process of Ascension. I remained in the corridor between graduation from Ascension and graduation from Earthly incarnations until 3/23/2018.  

This entire process I have lived, from realizing that I have a Higher Self to graduating from earthly incarnations, is repeatable and can be walked as a path. I have been using the teachings, knowledge, wisdom, energetic technologies and healings and have experienced to guide others through this Ascension Process and into Ascended Mastery as I live it.

I received training from a variety of sources, including downloads from the Eternal aspects of myself.  Over the last 10 years I have worked with several shamans, a Keeper of the Frequencies, an incarnated ArchAngel, a Wizard, yoga teachers, and a Siddha.  Etherically, I have received trainings, healings, and assistance from Source, Ascended Masters, Order of  Magdalena, Seraphim, the 4 Cardinal ArchAngels (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, & Uriel), the Melchizedeks (Teacher Beings dispensed from the Central Universe of this Multiverse), Shiva/Shakti & Kali, and more.  Additionally, I am a High Priestess of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Light of the Order of Melchizedek, and an initiated Siddha. I have read an untold number of books and articles of esoteric nature, learned more healing modalities than I can remember, and earned a B.B.A. in Marketing from Boise State University.



*Navigate your personal Ascension process
*Identify your cosmic origins
*Know your Purpose & how to put it into action
*Activate & magnify your spiritual gifts
*Connect with your Higher Self & Soul
*Remember yourself as the Creator
*Make sense of psychic events occuring in your reality
*Break through areas where you feel stuck
*Feel connected
*Clarify confusing feelings and emotions
*Shift challenges — personal & within relationship
*Release negative external & internal influence
*Develop Discernment
*Expand your Consciousness
*Refine your vibration

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