Solutions to Unsolvable Problems

Several years ago, I received a vision that provided a Knowing of the Connectedness of Humanity. I was shown a Human Being in its light body form. The Light Body was downloading templates of successively higher vibrational consciousness. Then I was shown a sea of...

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A Trembling, A Shaking, A Breaking Loose

It is noted that there is so much anxiety occurring within the collective and within this group here, situated with the heart space. There is anxiety, but there is also anticipation. There is a calling forth of, pulling each individual person, pulling forth into themselves, the pieces of them that bring them into wholeness and into acceptance.

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My Journey into the Void

Surrounded by pure utter blackness my heart sinks into despair. Free-form floating, nothing to grasp, nothing to see. Nothing but terrifying nothingness.

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Are you ready to Remember your Eternal Self?

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