Mary Magdalene ~ Temple of Isis Initiation

cache_10385732Date: November 11, 2020                                                    Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm MST
Where: Zoom.

Contribution: $29 or FREE for Chaos & Light Community Members

Research suggests that Mary Magdalene was a High Priestess, possibly of the Temple of Isis. She was trained in Mystery School Teachings and the Divine Feminine Arts. Mary Magdalene was a powerhouse of Love and an effective energy healer. She mastered her human life, and was crystal clear on serving her purpose and mission during her lifetime.

Some say the Egyptian Goddess Isis was really an Ascended Master, trained in the Temple of Hathor. Over her lifetime she mastered service to her people and the Earth as Queen of Egypt. 


In this Initiation, Mary Magdalene and Isis mentor and support you as you receive the initiation. First, they offer their support to energetically prepare the body to receive the initiation. Next, they offer you the Rays of Creation and Purity. Then they will guide you to accept the Light Language and Codes of Transformation, Presence and Life. And finally, you are invited to activate the Powers of Beauty and Restoration within you.

Open to Women, Men, and Non-Binary


Q&A time follows the initiation to ask Lisa Martin Naimi questions. Additionally, you may voluntarily share your experience of the initiation.


This Initiation occurs on the 11th of each month as a live event. I invite you to repeat this Initiation as many times as you like. Each time you receive the Mary Magdalene ~ Temple of Isis Initiation you may perceive a different or amplified experience.


Please join us in “Blue Star Temple of The Divine Feminine Arts” Group in the Chaos & Light Community. You are welcome to join whether you enroll in “Mary Magdalene ~ Temple of Isis Initiation”, or are just interested in enrolling.

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