Message for the week of 4/17/2016-4/23/2016. A reading of the median of the Human Collective, and the Frequencies available for Ascending Humanity. This week the Human Collective is feeling burdened by life and the need to protect their tender inner self and heart. Much compassion and love to our Brothers and Sisters whom we are here to assist. However, progress has been made in the ability of the Human Collective to connect with and hear their Wisdom and Guidance. Their state of separation is resolving and they are moving towards Alignment with their most expanded eternal Selves — and this in a nutshell is Ascension!

The Frequencies available for Ascending Humanity include a reminder to focus on healing, clearing, resolving deep seated issues stored in the lower chakras (Root and Sacral). We are specifically asked to pay attention to our Self Talk and speech to identify and change anything that is not uplifting, supportive, and self-affirming. Use your tools to rewire your subconscious mind, and seek assistance where needed to heal deep seated issues. Attending to our own healing opens space in our physical and energy bodies for a greater portion of Spirit to enter our forms. And that is what it is all about – Spirit Manifesting into physical form!

Mystic, Empath, & Ascension Portal, Lisa Martin Naimi provides an Empathic Reading of the Frequencies available for Ascending Humanity for the current/upcoming week: 3/27-4/2/2016.

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Lisa also provides Intuitive readings & Energy Healings, and teaches classes live and online.

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