Mystery Matters: Inviting YOU to stand firm in the mystery with 4 modern mystics

Power of Perception Healers with Lisa Martin Naimi

Join the conversation as Lisa Martin Naimi and Scott Golden discuss: The Nature of Time; The Role & Message of Jesus and Buddha; An Alternative View of Use of Substances & Promiscuity; Themes & Opportunities for Ascending Humanity; Where People Are Out of Alignment That Prevents Humanity from Advancing. Recorded 1/18/2016.

Understanding the Empath with Lisa Martin Naimi

Empaths play an important role at this time in humanity’s evolution, but it can be said that the gift of the Empath is both a blessing and a curse. So how do we connect with our sensitivities without being overwhelmed by them? Join us for a mind-expanding conversation as we learn the ins and outs of the empath with Ascension Portal, Lisa Martin Naimi. Recorded 12/30/2015.

The Dark, The Light, & The Void

This paradigm of Dark and Light is just one of many paradigms. We live in a multiverse that is much more complex and diverse than we ever imagined. What can we learn about ourselves and our true potential when we can see beyond our dualistic worldview? Join us for a mind-expanding conversation as we broaden our understanding of the light and the dark and the void that contains them with Ascension Portal, Lisa Martin Naimi. Recorded 7/8/2015.

Spring Equinox Message

An Integrated Soul Experience of Dark and Light.

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