Exploring Ascended Mastery

I am taking a break from personal session as of 6/4/20. In the meantime, I invite you to interact with me at my new co-creation Chaos & Light Community

You are a future Ascended Master!

As Sofia Magdalena (Lisa Martin Naimi), I will guide you to:

  • Activate and integrate upgrades, gifts, expansions and new perspectives;
  • Align with, Merge and Integrate ever evolving versions of your Higher Selves;
  • Navigate and understand the processes of Ascension of Consciousness and Ascension of the Physical Body;
  • Support you during the more disconcerting stages of Enlightenment;
  • Enter the Realm of Ascended Mastery.

Navigating the stages of Ascension and Enlightenment is often exhilarating and joyful, and can be confusing and painful. Sometimes, we would just like someone who has walked this path before us to escort us into the next miraculous adventure. Other times, we feel we would benefit from some assistance. This is particularly true when our evolving consciousness reveals embodied viral beliefs, unhealed wounds, emotional confusion, mental loops, stagnation, relationship challenges, misaligned influences, and physical health challenges. Our frustration is revealed in each of these opportunities as we find our current set of tools, knowledge, wisdom, and abilities insufficient to quantum leap to our next expansion of consciousness.  We question our progress and who we think ourselves to be, whether our guides have left us, and why everything feels so mundane instead of miraculous.

These thoughts and feelings simply indicate that you are experiencing an Integration phase in your journey to Ascended Mastery. During this phase, it is typical to experience silence from the Ethers, boredom, frustration, and a sense that you should be doing something but you don’t know what!

When you find yourself in any of these circumstances, an Ascension and Enlightenment guide can assist you in facilitating your journey of the expansion of your Consciousness and recovering the memory of Your SELF with increased grace and ease. Having lived through these spiraling cycles of evolutionary consciousness and opened the Gates to the Ascended Master Realms, Sofia Magdalena (Lisa Martin Naimi), offers to facilitate your unique journey through Ascension of Consciousness, Ascension of the Physical Body, and embodying your Ascended Master Self.


Welcome to YOUR Ascended Mastery!

Energy Updates

A Message from The Council of The Divine Feminine

A Message from The Council of The Divine Feminine

“The Universe always seeks to balance itself, and the stargate that opened March 15, 2018 has removed the last remaining fetters to receiving the compensation that is commensurate with the magnitude of your effort. This compensation may populate your field as Boons of Grace, money, health, support for more favorable outcomes in your important relationships, miracles, a smoothing of the path before you, and more support than over to know, understand, create and deliver your Legacy of Love on Earth.”

Overview of the Ascension Process into Ascended Mastery.

Who is “Sofia Magdalena”?

How to Manifest Spirit

How to Manifest Spirit

Message for the week of 4/17/2016-4/23/2016. A reading of the median of the Human Collective, and the Frequencies available for Ascending Humanity. This week the Human Collective is feeling burdened by life and the need to protect their tender inner self and heart....

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